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Department of Clinical Services

Dr. Abubakar Maina Waziri
Head of Clinical Services

  1. To uphold the ideals of the Hospital in excellence
  2. To give high quality service in the care of patients
  3. To train high quality Orthopaedic surgeons
  4. To conduct research that will continuously improved the practice of Orthopaedics and trauma.
  • Nine Consultant Orthopaedic surgeons
  • One Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • One visiting Consultant Physician
  • One visiting Consultant Pathologist
  • One visiting consultant Anaesthetist
  • One Chief Medical Officer  (in family medicine training)
  • Two principal Medical Officers (one to General Medicine/Practice training)
  • NHIS -  Medical Officers
  • One post Fellowship Senior Registrar – Plastic Surgeon.