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Radiology Department

Dr. Musa Nasiru Tahir
Head of Radilogy

The Department is saddled with the responsibility of carrying out radiological examination on all patients who come to the Hospital both within and without.
  1. The number of staff is now 16, consisting of 3 radiographers and 13 supporting staff.
  2. The A & E x – ray department is about to become functional.
  3. here is a new building under construction which accommodates computed tomography suite, and probably, the MRI suite.

The department provides the followings services:
  • It conducts Radiological examination of all patients of the hospital.
  • Makes available, research materials for trainees in Orthopaedics & Trauma
  • Surgery and Orthopaedic Nursing.
  • Work in co-operation with other departments towards achieving the noble goal and mission of the hospital in providing better health care delivery to the needy patients.
  • Attends to radiological examination to patients of other sister health institutions who are referred to the hospital from time to time.
  • Protects the patients against excessive exposure to radiation.
  • Ensures an effective management of staff of the department for higher productivity.
  • Generates revenue for the hospital. 
Some x-ray machines at the NOHD Radiology Department