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Tijjani Muhammad Musa     
Head of Information/Servicom Unit,


This unit deals with ensuring patient satisfaction by efficient service delivery monitoring and  providing  a  platform  for  effective  communication  via  various  feedback  mechanisms.

This unit was  inaugurated  on  19th June 2014.


       1.        To spearhead the fulfilment of the mission of the hospital to be the foremost in the delivery of effective and quality care in orthopaedic trauma by co-ordinating the effort of departmental nodal officers to achieve complains with their department commitment to the hospital mission.

        2.        Maintaining a public complain and redress system to avoid patient dissatisfaction.

        3.        Enlighten and educate  patient of their right to quality care and service available to them in the hospital .

        4.        Anchoring the hospital’s weekly departmental presentation

        5.        Publication of the hospital quarterly newsletter magazine this medium  supplies  information on the current events in the Hospital.                                                                                                                                                              

           6.   Organizing the television and radio programmes.  
The radio programme presents  health  talks on management of  orthopaedic conditions in the indigenous   language  hausa. 
  7.   The unit is involved with disseminating and collecting information to form the knowledge base for providing service to enquirers-staff and members of the public alike.