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Medical Records Department

Mal. Garba Danlami
Head, Health Records Department

A health record department is saddled with various functions as regards to health care services delivery in the various units of the department and other clinical department.
The department is the first point of call and exit and discharge for every patient admitted in the hospital and the department is open to every operational 24 hours daily.

Going by the ethics of health records profession some of the main functions of the department are:-

  1. General reception of all patients for registration and documentation in the units of A/E, NHIS, O/G RADIOLOGY  (XRAY), MFU and SOPD.
  2. Management of the consultative clinic patients attendance in the SOPD, Dental/MFU, NHIS,O/G and RADIOLOGY unit.
  3. The department ensures quality assurance of patient health records during admission and after discharge.
  4. The department engages on compilation if clinical data and daily, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually and annually basis and report to the management.
  5. Assisting the medical student and resident doctors in the clinical research and education.
  6. The department serves as the total custodian of all patients’ health record in the hospital.
Some Medical Records Department Staff at work