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Administration Department

  Mal. Audu Ibrahim -Director of Administration
   Mal. Audu Ibrahim

       Director of Administration / Secretary to the Board of Management

  •  To assist the Medical Director in the day to day running of the Hospital
  •  To carry out the Administrative functions of the Hospital
  •  To coordinate activities of the non - clinical support services units so as to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services.
  •  To advise on and implement all decisions and policies as they affect the Hospital.
  • To serve as secterary of the Board
  • To Coordinate all  activities of the Board and see to the full implementation of the decisions of the board
  • To serve as a link with outside world

The department is comprised of the following sections:

  •  Office of the Director of Admin
  •  Personnel Unit
  •  General Admin Unit
  •  Planning Unit
  •  Pension & staff welfare Unit
  •  Board secreteriat

The major functions of the units are stated below:-

The Director of Admin Heads the Administration department and serves as the Secretary of the Board of Management of the Hospital.  He advises the Medical Director on all Administrative matters and coordinates the activities of the departments and units under the supervision of Administration department.

The unit handles all personnel and pension matters as follows:

  • Staff Recruitment.
  • promotion matters for both Junior and Senior Staff categories
  • Processes applications of staff for transfer of service from the Hospital to other institutions in the country.
  • Staff Welfare Matters
  • Pension matters including, Group Life Insurance, Payment of pension benefits as funds are release by underwriters or PENCOM as the case may be.
  • Disciplinary Cases involving members of staff.

The unit handles all matters that are routine and Adhoc in nature.  This includes coordinating the activities of support services department such as Catering, Public Health, Telephone unit, Engineering, Security, Transport, Laundry, Tailoring among others.

The unit also handles Public Relation and Protocol matters of the Hospital, utility services such as electricity, water, staff Housing and insurance matters.  The unit also coordinates the National Health Insurance Scheme.

The unit is saddled with the responsibility of handling the procurement matters and issues of development of the Hospital.

The unit also serves as a data bank for the statistical report of activities of the Hospital.  In this regard it processes contracts for procurement of Medical equipment, office equipment, utility vehicles and rehabilitation works.

The unit processes contracts involving constructions.

Some Admin Staff at Work